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Search Shrtcode
directoryselectAutoselect a specific directory for search form
uidunique string or Numeric ValueNullInsert a unique id to connect with other shortcodes
advanced_open0,10Turn advanced search open always on
show_keywords_search0,11Show Keyword search field
keywords_ajax_search0,11Turn on Ajax Keyword search
keywords_search_examples1,01Comma-separated list of suggestions to try to search
keywords_ajax_search1,01Enable listings autosuggestions by keywords
keywords_search_examplestext stringComma-separated list of suggestions to try to search
what_searchtext stringDefault keywords
show_categories_search1,01Show categories search?
categories_search_level1,2,31Categories search depth level
categorySelect certain category
exact_categoriesComma separated string of categories slugs or IDs. Possible to display exact categories
show_locations_search1,01Show locations search? categories
locations_search_level1,2,31Locations search depth level
locationSelect certain location
exact_locations00Comma separated string of locations slugs or IDs. Possible to display exact locations
show_address_search1,01Show address search
addressDefault address
show_radius_search1,01Show locations radius search
radiusDefault radius search
search_fieldsSelect certain content fields
search_fields_advancedSelect certain content fields in advanced section
hide_search_button0,10Hide search button
on_row_search_button0,10Search button on one line with fields
scroll_toScroll to listings, map or do not scroll after search button was pressed
search_visibilityShow only when there is no any other search form on page
visibility11Otherwise it will load plugin's files on all pages
keyword_field_width0-10025Set Width for Keyword Field In Search Form
category_field_width0-10025Set Width for Category Field In Search Form
location_field_width0-10025Set Width for Location Field In Search Form
address_field_width0-10025Set Width for Address Field In Search Form
radius_field_width0-10025Set Width for Radius Field In Search Form
button_field_width0-10025Set Width for Search Button Field In Search Form
search_button_margin_top0-500Set Margin top for Search Button Field In Search Form
gap_in_fields0-10010Set gap between Field In Search Form
show_default_filed_label0,10Show Field Label for default fields
search_custom_style0,10Custom Styling
search_box_padding_top0-200Search Box Padding Top
search_box_padding_bottom0-200Search Box Padding Bottom
search_box_padding_left0-200Search Box Padding Left
search_box_padding_right0-200Search Box Padding Right
main_searchbar_bg_colorMain Search Box background Color
main_search_border_colorMain Search Box Border Color
input_field_border_width0-10Input Field Border Width
input_field_border_radius0-10Input Field Border Radius
input_field_border_colorInput Field Border Color
input_field_label_colorInput Field Label Color
input_field_placeholder_colorInput Field Placeholder Color
input_field_text_colorInput Field Text Color
search_button_border_width0-10Submit Button Border Width
search_button_border_radius0-10Submit Button Border Radius
search_button_text_colorSubmit Button Text Color
search_button_text_colorSubmit Button Text Color
search_button_text_color_hoverSubmit Button Text Hover Color
search_button_bgSubmit Button Background Color
search_button_bg_hoverSubmit Button Background Hover Color
search_button_border_colorSubmit Button Border Color
search_button_border_color_hoverSubmit Button Border Hover Color
search_button_icontext stringSubmit Button Icon Class
search_form_type11Form Type
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